About Electric Dynamite

Electric Dynamite is a label, project, or simply just a name, that I use to publish software.

Now why not just publish it under my legal name? Well, I sort of do that, because “Electric Dynamite” is used as an alias for my name throughout all legally relevant files. This means that, while technically publishing everything as a private person, I stamp a name on it that could easily be used as an official project or a company name in the future, without breaking branding for the software.


Unless noted otherwise, Electric Dynamite projects share a common Privacy Policy. While it naturally has to sound boring, like any legal document, here is a little spoiler: Electric Dynamite strongly believes in informational freedom, and your freedom to decide what information you share with whom. For Electric Dynamite this means, that only because Electric Dynamite offers a certain service, this does not mean that Electric Dynamite gains any rights about you or your information. Electric Dynamite is obligated by law to store a certain amount of information, and keep if for a certain period of time, but besides that, Electric Dynamite tries to store as little as possible. The German language has a word for this, “Datensparsamkeit”, which generally means, that you only store what you need to store in order to offer the service your user requests.

However, depending on the project Electric Dynamite might store some anonymous usage statistics to optimize the service to you. I know, I know, I usually hate sentences like this myself, but when offering a service to your users, this is really important to garantuee that the service is the way the users (you!) like them. Rest asured that Electric Dynamite would never knowingly violate your privacy.

Software Projects

These are some software projects I currently work on, more or less:

Who stands behind Electric Dynamite

As mentioned before, Electric Dynamite is basically just a label I use to give all software I write a certain branding. This means, that right now, Electric Dynamite is neither a company, nor a foundation or anything alike, but is just me, a single Person.

My Name is Philipp Geschke and I write software as a hobby. I am not a professional software developer, so please do not expect the code quality of a professional. I do my best to write stable, secure software, but I was never taught how to do so, and I spend my professional life doing something else. Still, I like my software and use it myself. I have high expectations in the software I use, and hence in the software I write.

That all being said, I appreciate every helping comment or suggestion you might have. Please send me a quick email at electricdynamite.apps AT googlemail DOT com. Thank you for using my software, if you do. I really appreciate it.

Just to emphasize, that this is my hobby, not my profession: I wrote this text at my in-laws dinner table, on a rainy holiday.